You connect with people who are really interesting. I totally enjoyed it.
— Loren McGinnis, CBC North
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Run the North is a documentary film that brings the Polar Bear Marathon to the screen... an extreme marathon which takes place in the 'Polar Bear Capital of the World'. Each year, the run brings together a unique collection of adventurers, each with fascinating stories to tell...

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Run the North is a documentary about the Polar Bear Marathon, an extreme adventure marathon which takes place at the end of November in the sub-zero temperatures of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. Each year, a motley group of adventurers gather to challenge this extreme cold weather marathon in Canada's wild north. Each individual has their own incredible story of what is driving them to do something most people would consider crazy, and along the way an unexpected story emerges of reconciliation between two estranged communities.

Churchill is known as the 'Polar Bear Capital of the World', making the bears another aspect that adds to the intrigue of running in this isolated, frozen wilderness landscape. The Polar Bear Marathon is organized by Albert and Edna Martens, and is a way for them to raise awareness and support for their work in remote First Nations communities, where they have an incredible positive impact.

The movie is screening at the Franklin International Indie Film Festival in Tennessee in August, 2019. It has been televised on ShawTV across Manitoba, and screened in Churchill (MB), Tadoule Lake (MB), Whitehorse (YT), Vancouver (BC) and premiered at the Real to Reel Film Festival in Winnipeg (MB). It also received coverage in the Abbotsford News and The Trailbreaker with Loren McGinnis on CBC North. Run the North is listed on IMDb.

In a film genre that often highlights the many things wrong with the world and can sometimes get depressing, Run the North is breath of fresh, positive air!

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