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Below are a number of selections of past work we have done. Take your time and browse, we hope you enjoy our work and are encouraged by it! 

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The Human Project is...


... a new video series by Apologetics Canada and Power to Change. This four part series, filmed on four continents, explores the gospel through culturally relevant and important questions about what it means to be human.

This project is having some final touches put on it and will be released Fall 2018. You can follow us on Facebook or sign up to receive updates on the project.


From Shorts to Docs...


We love making films, and are blessed to be able to do what we love for The One we love. As time permits, we are working toward producing both dramatic and documentary content, with some soon to be released projects.

We hope you enjoy the following selections... 


From Planting to Harvest


The 11 ministries of Power to Change go out into the world and spread the gospel; equipping Christians for the work of ministry. From the streets of North American cities to the deserts of far away lands, we are going about our Father's business, seeing His kingdom come and His will being done... together.



Highlighting Ministries, Events & Projects


Here are a few examples of our promotional video work:



Truth is Stranger than Fiction


Nothing is more encouraging than real life stories. Accounts of personal growth and victory through the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.



Providing Tools to Those in the Field


With better tools and better training, better results are probable in any type of work. The work of ministry is no exception.

We partner with the 11 ministries of Power to Change to produce compelling and relevant training content in many different forms and styles, according to the needs and requests of each ministry.



You know what they say about 'All Work And No Play'...


Sometimes with internal videos we need to have some fun. The nature of our work is serious and life-changing, but every once in a while we have the opportunity to let our hair down, so-to-speak, and just have some good fun doing something offbeat. These projects also let us play with effects and things that stretch us as filmmakers.

There are a lot of inside jokes here since, as we mentioned, these are internal videos. But if you take the time to view them, we hope they give you a smile.