We have a unique opportunity to touch the world.


Film has the power to engage people on different levels, deal with many emotions, and present truths and principles in new ways. We desire to connect with people outside the walls of the church, start conversations, and engage hearts and minds as we respectfully and honestly explore the truths of the Bible.

At Power to Change Films, our priorities are 1) to provide support for the visual communications needs of the eleven ministries under the Power to Change umbrella, and 2) to produce creative film content that shares life, stories and principles from a Christ-centred, Biblical worldview in culturally relevant ways.


Our highly skilled, award-winning team:


Jake Bergen
Managing Producer

Jake is at the helm of P2C Films, with administrative and creative oversight for projects, and is responsible for the overall vision of the department.

Richard Szmutko - Cinematographer

Richard Szmutko
Studio Manager

Richard is a seasoned veteran, world traveler and broadcast sports shooter with extensive camera and audio experience. He is responsible for the physical studio, equipment, and hands-on aspects of production.

Michael Connor
Audio & Music Supervisor

Michael is an accomplished musician, a composer, and is skilled in all things audio-related.

Dylan Ferreira
Editor & Camera Operator

With a passion for video & editing, Dylan assists in both the production and post-production of projects.


Jonathan Loewen
Camera Operator

Jonathan assists with the production of the projects with a desire to share stories of what God is doing around the world.